Friday, January 28, 2011

Mahjong Quest III is my Lego Universe

I haven’t posted all month.  I know.  Let me take a moment to allay your fears, in the extremely unlikely happening that you have noticed my absence and have been worried about me.  

I Have Not:
~Been eaten by bears
~Received my Hogwarts letter (yet)
~Died from boredom, sleep deprivation, becoming-an-adult-related stress (although that is becoming more likely by the minute), too much driving, or a superfluity of hummus
~Figured out my visa thing and skipped off to London for a couple of months (believe me, if that actually happens I will be blogging my face off from jolly old England daily - perhaps hourly - with pictures and videos included
~Been buried under my laundry*

No, I have succumbed to none of those things.  Instead, I have discovered something that is so wonderful yet at the same time so destructive that I am in a constant state of conflict whenever I think about it.  

I Have:

  ~Discovered an incredible puzzle game on my lappy called MahJong Quest III that is so fun, so enticing, and so addictive that whenever I turn on my computer with an eye to writing a blog post, I get distracted and, well, there goes the next three hours of my life.  It has become my Lego Universe.  I say that because one of my dearest friends has two sweet, smart, funny little boys who are completely obsessed with the computer game Lego Universe, and it is currently their favorite thing to do ever.  This is like that.  

Oh my god, you guys.  You have to play this game.  First of all, there are like a million levels.  And every time you complete a portion of a level you get this shiny button to put in the medallion for that level, and every level has a different medallion.  That right there is enough to get me hooked.  Anything that requires me to collect small pieces of something in order to track my progress is about as good as it gets.  

So the story is about this guy named Kwazi, and you have to follow him throughout his entire life and solve these MahJong puzzles in order to determine the course of events and there are a billion different puzzles and it’s amazing.  It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure puzzle game!!!  Right now he has just broken up with his girlfriend and it’s led him to this mystical gate that opens when you say the magic words, so I have to go now and  figure out what’s up and let him inside.  I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still alive- just in a very deep computer game phase.  Lame, I know, but I’m loving it so don’t judge me.  I do what I want.  

*The most likely probability  


callender said...

This sounds exactly like what I want to be doing right now. Where's the link to the game?!

Molly said...

There's just enough of the game online to get you hooked... I'm not going to lie- I bought it. Tread carefully. You may never get your life back.

Lazy Girl said...

First of all yes, I did notice you haven't been around.

Second of all, I was under the weather and my brother finally let me borrow his Nintendo DS. Then my Dad bought me "Professor Layton & the Curious Village". And if you're anything like I think you are, you would love this game too!

So I will check out MahJong and never leave the house again and you check out Professor Layton (if you haven't already) and never leave the house again.