Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hold Still, Wallet. This Might Sting a Bit.

This is a first, you guys.  There are still eleven days left until Christmas and 66.6% of my shopping is completed!  (Please note that that sentence included a percentage.  That is actual math that I did all by myself.  Without a calculator.  You may praise me.) 

I decided that this year, instead of scrambling for ideas at the last possible second of Christmas Eve eve (the eve before Christmas Eve, duh) and then sheepishly handing over the last minute gift only partially concealed in the plastic in which it was bagged at the register, I was going to be on top of things and really think about each person I’m buying for.  Giving is, after all, the whole spirit of Christmas.  Of course, I have also picked up one or two small items for myself along the way - a fabulous holiday dress with shoes soon to follow, a blackberry, a miniature build-it-yourself replica of Stonehenge - but it was all on sale (except Stonehenge) so it’s okay.  I love Christmas!!!

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Lazy Girl said...

hahaha you are amazzzzzzeee