Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mini cinnamon rolls do not require dark magic. Probably.

This morning was one of those mornings where I sat in bed looking at recipes online and making all kinds of plans about how I'm going to become the most awesome cook ever. EVER. Like starting immediately right now. Smoked paprika! Get me smoked paprika and onion powder!! *shrieks like Banshee*

My problem is that I can't really cook more than one thing at a time. Main course... no problem. Side dishes... what? How am I supposed to cook a thing while I'm already cooking another thing? That's two things! I only have one brain! What am I, some sort of wizard??

Also, I'm not very imaginative about side dishes. I know how to cook green beans and asparagus. Usually with ungodly amounts of cheese. So.much.cheese. Seriously, I will smother the shit out of my vegetables with cheese. I don't care if it cancels out the veggie nutrients. If you've never had roasted asparagus dripping with asiago cheese, you need to get some of that all up in your life. NOW.

So instead of a complicated meal that would involve cooking multiple things and, let's face it, probably some ritual chanting, I found this recipe for mini cinnamon rolls with maple icing. It didn't look like I would have to perform any kitchen voodoo to make it happen, so I gave it a whirl, and oh my god. 

You guys. YOU GUYS. LOOK:  

I repeat. LOOK AT THESE:

Omg puppies and kittens and baby unicorns with wings:

Obviously I instagrammed the crap out of these suckers, because that's what you do when you make something awesome and want to show it off to people and also make it look like you're a hipstery art person who knows about things like lens flare and stuff.

And then I ate seven of them. #noregrets

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